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    Frequently Asked Questions


    Yes, it is possible for the other party to pay your legal costs, however it will only be payable upon success finalisation of the matter and when the Court grants an order as to costs. The Court can also order that no costs are payable or that each party pay his or her own legal fees. However, you as the Client always remain liable to pay your Attorney.

    Difference between party and party costs and attorney and client costs-

    1.1 Party and Party costs are prescribed by Legislation. There are different scales for Magistrate and High Court matters. It is usually awarded to the successful party/ litigant by the Court. Thus, it is the costs that the opponent will pay. It is awarded only on finalisation of the matter. There are limitations on what can be claimed from the other party.
    1.2 Attorney and Client costs are the costs that are agreed to between an Attorney and his or her Client. This is usually based on agreement. These fees are more that party and party costs. In certain cases, the Court can order that the opponent pays attorney and client costs.

    2Consultation fees at BLR:

    A first consultation fee is payable before the Attorneys are consulted. It is a standard once off fee that is payable in advance. During the consultation further costs will be discussed with you.

    3Must I make an appointment?

    Yes, please. Unfortunately, being litigation attorneys, we spent most of our time in Court. Kindly make an appointment by contacting 013 590 6903.

    4Can I be assisted telephonically?

    At BLR we do not attend to telephonic consultations. We prefer to meet you in person.

    5What if I cannot afford the services of an Attorney?

    At BLR we attempt to assist every client as far as possible. We accept payment arrangements. Please talk to us should you wish to make such arrangements. We do however request a first consultation fee.


    In order to comply with the Act each client must kindly provide us with the following:
    1.1 ID document;
    1.2 Proof of residential address – not older than 3 months;
    1.3 Copy of your banking details – not older than 3 months to verify your banking details.